LOGIN to Particle console fails

Nothing happens when I use Internet Explorer 11 and press “LOGIN” at the Particle console login page:

UPDATE: It works with CHROME

My Asset Tracker Electron’s SIM has exceeded its allotment and Particle.io paused it.

I NEED TO RE-UP RIGHT AWAY. I can no longer test my project.

In all honesty, if you're doing anything other than facebooking, you probably shouldn't use IE anyhow. That's no excuse, but IE is an absolute nightmare to develop for. You'll find that other browsers are much better at pretty much everything.

As for re-upping, can't you do that in the console?

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Is this related to your other topic?

Hi ScruffR,
I have been using photons for over an year now. But lately, the console page https://console.particle.io/ is giving 404 error each time even after the code flashes successfully on my photon? Any heads up on this will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No idea what you are experiencing there, but next time could also provide a screenshot and check https://status.particle.io ?

Sure. Thanks for the heads up. Turns out the problem was with System anti virus that was blocking to load the particle console page.

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