Your "billing page" link fails

I received email from
Subject: “Your Particle SIM has been paused”

But the link “billing page” goes to the 404 error (sharks and bears) page.

subject "Your Particle SIM has almost used up its data usage limit:
bad links:
“visiting the billing page”

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Is this related to your other topic where you found IE11 to be the reason and got it to work on Chrome?

No. Separate issue. Doesn’t work for Chrome either. Chrome also gets the HTTP 404 error with sharks and bears.

I recommend that Particle use a test plan to control testing on various browsers. Also, I use automated regression testing as much as I can, for the most probable systems problems. Automated emails should be automatically regression testing for their links.

On the other hand, there’s the Microsoft way: Let your customers do the testing for you, and wait for their complaints.
Works for Internet Explorer just dandy. :smiley:

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Hi @douglaskbell,

Thanks for posting! I’m surprised the emails are still sending out broken links, I’ll ping the team about it again.


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FYI everyone, @jeiden is fixing this right now. Should be deployed this afternoon. Thanks for letting us know!


A fix has been deployed. Thanks all for the heads up!


I have been facing the same problem lately. Getting 404 page error (with sharks) each time I open the console. The code flashes successfully but the console page doesnt show up. I am getting the problem on all browsers, IE11, chrome, firefox. What could be the probably issue here? Any suggestion would be appreciated.


@raginigupta6 I’d suggest contacting our support team here:

Thanks. Turns out the problem was with System anti virus that was blocking to load the particle console page.