Particle Console Down?

Hello, my team is getting 404 errors when trying to login to right now. Wanted to know if we are the only ones or not. I have included a clip of what errors chrome is telling us.

It appears to only be our internet that is blocked. I can access console from 4g on my phone and from my home computer.

I’ve been having the same issue for the past couple of days but everything appears to be working again now.

@Jumpmaster mine started working again last night, hopefully it will stick. Hopefully we’ll find out what was happening.

I can’t flash code, use the web ide, nor can I get to right now. I haven’t seen an email, but I haven’t been able to push code in the last 36 hours or so. Weekends are when I can work on this stuff, so it’s a bit problematic. Will there be an email about the outage? Is there an outage? None of the web services seems to work for me at all.

You can subscribe to such status emails (or other means of communication) here

Are there any obvious error messages (in the developer console of your browser)?
What browser are you using?
Have you tried a different browser?
Have you tried incognito mode?

After sleeping on it, we were able to log back in. So it started working again after ~12 hours. After about an hour of use we are all getting the “too many requests” error again. We are not running any scripts or anything. Because this appears to be a client side issue this wont ever trigger anything on We are now trying to piggy back off others internets. Which seems to work.

Still unsure how we are sending too many requests since we are only logging in to console and build to compile.