Down for anyone else but me?

Can’t login to console, or the Particle iOS App.

Devices not connecting to Particle Cloud.

@Horganic, console login is working for me. Have you checked your internet connection?

I’m having build issues right now. Started about 5 min ago.
Receiving Error 404 on compile.

The console is done for me also.

Photon is having trouble connecting also.

There appear to be login issues and possibly other issues as well. It’s being investigated.


all devices not connecting to the cloud… and console not working… please investigate

Thanks! FYI - shows all green

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My devices are rapid flashing cyan and I cannot log into the console reliably. Eventually, I got and and devices eventually connected so seems intermittent.


That's exactly what I'm seeing.

Last successful publish was 12:25 Eastern Time.

This shows me that my loop blocks during this condition when running threaded mode. I'm assuming the Publish events are causing the block.

And Status is still green :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Status is being updated now. It’s actually a manual process - we get automated alerts internally, but status page is updated by a human.


all electrons cannot connect to cloud (all of them in the field by the way)… I only have one photon in the lab that seems to be breathing cyan correctly but cannot reach to it via console anyway.

Seems fixed now :slight_smile: Publishing and connecting just fine at least.

Can’t believe we survived 20 mins without the internet :smile: