LiPo not powerful to power GPS?

So I have a Photon and plugged in the LiPo to power it.

I have a WAVGAT Ublox NEO-6M GPS Module connected to it (dont ask why I dont use the Asset shield, it’s not reliable so I had to), but when I power it using the LiPo, it does not provide power to it.

I was powering it using USB and it worked with no issues prior.

That suggests you are using a shield (e.g. Particle Power Shield or Seeedstudio Battery Shield) - which?

One reason might be that LiPos only provide 3.7~4.2V while USB provides 5V.

Also, how have you wired the GPS?

My bad, it’s not a Photon, it’s an Electron… So it’s out of the box.

The GPS is wired:

So that would mean LiPo can only power the Electron not the excess hardware?

Any recommendations in terms of powering it with external battery?

I had a SparkFun dev thing which had it’s USB plug tore off the board after my device crashed (physically), so I’m a bit afraid something like that might happen here too.

With the LiPo alone you won’t have any voltage out of Vin, but you can use 3v3 and - if required - a boost converter to go from 3.3V to 5V