Can you power Photon with Lipo to Vin?

Goofed up by not looking at Vbat capabilities.

Which pin should I connect the Lipo battery (Adafruit 3.7v) to ? Vin or 3.3v?

and do i need to ad 0.1uF ceramic Cap as well?


I’d suggest not to connect LiPos directly without any monitoring and regulation.

For Vin you’d need >= 3.6V at any time to prevent possible damage to the regulator (as other users experienced).
For 3V3 you should feature your own regulator.

To keep your LiPo happy, you should definetly take measures agains drainage.

You could have a look at the open source hardware repo of the Particle Power Shield or search the forum for LiPo to find some useful hints.