Lack of support from the Particle team

When we get new toys, we like to play with them. When I got my Photon and Electron, I was no exception. I claimed my devices, flashed some new firmware, and then started playing around with products. Almost everything was flawless up to this point(The exception being the Android app, but thats for another post). So moving forward I want to delete these products that I’ve set up for testing. I noticed that in the web UI there is no way to do this, and instead it’s supplemented by the text on the billing page: “Need to cancel? Email us at”. That’s fine by me, so I sent off an email in anticipation of my product being deleted. After a week or so had gone by, I sent another email politely asking for the product to be deleted. Still nothing :expressionless:
So my question to the community is this: Have you ever had a product deleted, and how did you go about doing it?
My question to the Particle team is this: If you aren’t going to implement a option for us to delete our own product, and you’re not going to answer emails, how can we do such a thing?

Is this what your looking for?

Unfortunately not. I’m talking about the product tab in the dashboard. (
Thanks for the suggestion though!

Got it. I just tried to delete a blank Product listing I created and found no way to do it also.

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Glad I’m not the only one.
I just don’t like having products sitting around that I’m not using. It clutters my screen.
Hopefully we can get someone from particle to chime in with a resolution.

@jeiden May be able to help us out.

Hey guys,

You are correct, there is no way to do this right now. But rest assured, this is on the team’s upcoming sprint (beginning Monday) to get this done. For now, if you DM me your product info I can manually remove it for you @TomR.