Jenkins build system traffic light

I used my time during a hackathon at work as an excuse for a first foray into playing around with a Spark core.

I had some old IKEA dioder led lights hanging around, which run off 12VDC so I repurposed those for the actual lights.

Source code here:
Jenkins plugin here:

The only problem that I’m currently having is that I cannot for the life of me get the the core to connect onto the open wifi in my office. I can get it to connect to every other thing I’ve tried - a couple different routers at home running open or WEP, network sharing from my laptop, hotspotting from phones, etc. My working theory is that it might have something to do with overlapping Access Points, all with the same SSIDs but different channels (some >11 and some <11, is this an issue? IDK).


You can try something like this as a bridge :

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Fun use case! :slight_smile:

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