IT or EU reseller for Electron?

Hi, in Italy particle photon module is available, but I can not find a reseller that has the electron module. In Italy or in European zone. Some advice?

As its stands, I believe that’s planned for this summer

I am looking for a reseller in Europe, Netherlands as well. The Photon is available in many places.
I just found on the list of European distributors that the only one currently selling the Electron is Cool Components, UK

I don’t think they’ve got a reseller in the Netherlands yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s being worked on. For the time being, you’ll have to get them elsewhere though :’(

UK is very close and 2 days max. delivery :grinning:

I know, I live in the Netherlands as well :wink: That said, keep in mind that shipping might be a bit longer than expected due to the Lithium battery, which most couriers aren’t too keen about shipping ::confused:

There recently was a post about Electron resellers, but I only remember the German ones like ExpTech and Watterott (although they hadn’t updated their shop inventoey back then)

I try to find that post againJordy already found it:

(Thanks @Moors7 for finding and adding the link for me :+1:)

Source of the info
Particle Matter: Sprint 58

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