Issues with the config process

So far this thing seems awesome and the package looks really attractive. However, I have a strange issue with setting this up. This is my current setup;

Model : Samsung Galaxy S5
Android: 4.4.6

Mode: NG-Mixed
Channel: 6 (2.437GHz (5GHz is not supported on my router at all))

I attempt to configure the wifi with the app. It failed completely until after roughly 5 attempts. It did all of a sudden make the device start blinking green and then transition to a breathing cyan. I also see this device on the network. Unfortunately the app still tells me that no Cores are found.

Seeing as you do have the breathing cyan, it should be connected to the cloud. I suspect something went wrong during the claiming process, which is why it doesn’t show up under your account. Could you check the web IDE to see if it’s listed there?
If not, then you have to claim it. That can be done manually by using the CLI (you’re probably going to want that in the future anyhow), or by doing a factory reset and trying the app again. If you use the CLI, you should do a Particle identify while in listening mode, and enter the returned device ID in the web IDE under “claim new device”.
Let me know if you need any help.


The device is not in my build account. I thought this was more or less supposed to be self configurable with the app.