Cannot claim the core - yes another noob :)


I got my 3 cores today, hooray.
I can work through all the steps up to claiming the core.

I followed exactly the same steps on 2 of my 3 cores.

With the same issue… claiming the core.

Every time I try to claim the core I get the error message on the APP saying:
“No Cores Found”

I’ve read the other posts but they did not tell me what was wrong here.
This seems to happen alot based on posts so before I get putty out and claim them that way, I was thinking to offer my time in some field testing :smile:

I’m thinking there is either an issue with

  1. the APP
  2. the instructions
  3. my wifi network
  4. the unknown
  5. Me :smile:

What should I do form here to try and claim the core from the app?

It would be good to get this working more reliably with the APP for all future spark users.
So willing to put in some time to help here.

Have you tried a factory reset?

Some questions to check your setup:

  • What mobile app do you use (iOS/Android)?
  • What WiFi channel are you on? (need to be less or equal 11)
  • What WiFi protocoll amendment do you use? (802.11n not supported in TI smart config)
  • How is it with WiFi pollution around your network?

I am using the Android APP
WiFi channel, you mean SSID?
The wifi router support b/g/n - So do I force the APP to use G, if so how?
No wifi pollution issues to date.

I gave in and used putty.

The WiFi channel is the frequency band your router is sending on - so you may have to check this on your router direct or with a tool like inSSIDer.
The b/g/n setting is usually also something you have to adjust on your router - normally there is a setting like “automatic”, “b/g only” or “all available” which you’d set to “b/g only”.
One other thing is that your phone has to be connected to the same SSID, router and subnet as your Cores should be - e.g you can’t have the Android phone run the app and tether the Cores.

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Gizmo, where you successful in claiming you core over serial?