IFTTT no more integration

In respect of my own personal experience and the handling they made to cancel the IFTTT service I stress my frustration and disappointment .

It is not up to par for corporation of volume and size to cancel IFTTT service based on groundless arguments

It’s important that the solution Particle provides its not only highly technical but impossible for a consumer based product.

We have more than 20 projects stranded because of this issue. We need to spend money to fix this unilateral decision

We need to think better and find a company that can provide a endelss future with integrations

More than that, we are paying a premium service in IFTTT to maintain connectivity with Particle and that money now is wasted

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Hi Lagartus-

I understand your frustration with the discontinuation of IFTTT and am sorry for any issues that this has caused you. That said, the cancellation was announced months in advance and communicated to every active IFTTT user. The integration did not have many active users and the experience IFTTT offered free users had greatly degraded over the years. Documentation is available to help you still use IFTTT with Particle using their webhook feature, which is a minimally technical solution requiring little code. You are free to continue to use IFTTT or to move away from it.

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Thanks for your comment
From a trustful source , I was informed that Particle

“I believe they just got tired of paying to have service on IFTTT. I think they may be struggling a bit financially”

In my opinion, when you buy cheap, at the end, you get cheap service

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Whoever your source is, they are grossly misinformed. I led the charge to get rid of IFTTT and cost was not a factor in that decision. Here are the actual reasons IFTTT support was discontinued:

  • Low usage. Less than 2% of active Particle users used IFTTT and that number continued to drop year after year.

  • The webhooks experience is better for educators. The free version of IFTTT had initially been a useful tool for teachers but changes had been made so that free users were only guaranteed a response within one hour, removing it as an option for most teachers.

  • We needed to upgrade our Node version and our IFTTT integration wasn’t compatible. The migration work would have been intensive so our Director of Software Engineering and I met with IFTTT to see if there were options that required fewer months of labor. There weren’t.


I have been paying for the premium IFTTT service, too. Prior to the planned drop of service, I found notifications from IFTTT service often late or entirely missing. So, I can understand the move by Particle.

About a month before the planned cutoff date, I felt I better get my act together and implement the workarounds available using Webhook Integrations. @Colleen and others have posted the information/solutions needed. Thanks for that, btw! :smiley:

I wish I had done it a lot sooner than I did. What I find now is: notifications are being received within a few seconds of a trigger. Very Nice! At this point, I don’t worry about it.


Thanks your your comment

We need to understand a bigger picture of what Particle did with us, the developers

Is like buying an Electric car that has charging stations at home and all gas stations , and suddenly , they disable the stations, and their answers is " do it at home". under those circumstances Ive never buy the car in the first place.

I cannot fix my 20 firmwares with their webhook tutorial, I need to pay someone to do it

If its a cost issue, they need to consider a fee to keep IFTTT service up

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That analogy seems flawed to me. In my mind it’s more like buying a car years ago and then learning that it doesn’t meet new emissions standards so you must bring it up to the new standards or be unable to use the car. Except in this case multiple transition guides and months of notice were provided to help you.

What issues are you having with the tutorials? Have you tried to follow them?Happy to help!

As previously stated, it is not a cost issue and a pay-to-use option will not be offered.


I can say that the ifttt shut down has helped me. My fix was to use web hooks to trigger a sending of a WhatsApp message.
The last time I tried ifttt and I was expecting an up to one hour delay, I never got the message at all.
So your mileage may vary but I found it was an opportunity to learn something new.