IFTTT connection problem (Electron)

I’ve been using IFTTT with reasonable success on the particle channel with several particle photons and electrons…
Everything was working fine and suddenly one of my devices shows up as dim in the IFTTT device choices while trying to troubleshoot why DO no longer works (IFTTT log errors) for that device.
The Particle channel shows connected. Dashboard show device breathing
Publish return a 1 to show success when I publish my one function in setup(). I tried waiting 10 seconds w/o blocking to see if it was a timing problem - no luck.
I reloaded everything. Connected, Disconnected, Reconnected. I renamed the device. .
I only use one email address so there is no registration problem.
My old DOs show up correctl;y I just can’t edit them w/o selecting the device.
At the same time, for the same device, the IFs on events are working perfectly: emails and tweets on major events. So IFTTT is finding the device in the particle cloud.
Any suggestions? I’m going to try publishing several functions to see if the problem is related to just one.