Disconnect and Reconnect Particle Channel

Not sure what happened, I had IFTTT connected to Spark (when it was still Spark) and just logged in again recently to see how things were coming along with development on their side (it was super flaky a while ago so I tabled playing with their stuff for a while).

I login and none of my cores are displayed, “Ok, no big deal, probably just a connection thing, let me disconnect Particle and reconnect it so get my cores back in.”

Well, after disconnecting I can no longer reconnect, it fails after I allow access from the Particle login page, anyone have a fix for this? Anyone seen it before?

BTW Particle guys, holy shit nice editor, I can straight up paste a damn screenshot right out of my clipboard into the forum text editor… Wow! Not sure if I am easily impressed or if that is just a feature of whatever forum software you are using, but wowee that was nice!

@jboswell, can you disconnect the Spark channel and use the Particle channel instead?

Yeah I already did, it had renamed itself to Particle already before I disconnected it, it just refuses to re-add itself. I just realized I still had some Particle/Spark recipes that have now been deleted since I removed the Particle channel. Maybe that is the issue? I can’t get to those though anymore…

Are you using the same email address for IFTTT and the one used for :spark: account?


Hmm i don’t have resources to probe further.

Will have to wait for @dave to update us :wink:

No big rush, just wanted to report it at least so that people would be aware of the issue, I can probably just setup a different account on their site and link it back to my Particle account…

Dave made a comment here - IFTTT Function List Not Showing Up

Any update on progress with this issue?

Hi all!

Sorry about this! Looks like when the channel was renamed, a bit of the oauth exchange broke which prevented the channel from being re-authorized properly. This should be fixed and working again. Thanks for catching this!


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Confirmed working for me! Sorry to get back to everyone so late, some weeks are crazier than others…