Particle -> IFTTT integration problems?

Hi- having intermittent and unreliable integration into IFTTT applet, anyone else experiencing lost Particle events on IFTTT? (Particle portal shows published events, IFTTT not triggering most of the time (despite waiting, manually triggering, repeating Particle publishing, etc.- on “free” plan but not throttled / overusing; there was previous mention 9/2021 of Particle IFTTT integration having issues…) ???

hi @lkobayashi

is this the first time you use IFTTT? I have done a few tests with them, and even purchased the PRO tier. however, I still find the service ‘irregular’, since it does not commit to fixed polling times, it doesn’t have the ability to schedule polls, etc.

I don’t have an answer for your specific question, but in general I would not use it for critical applications

good luck, and welcome to the forum!


Thank you @romuloescamilla, it’s very disappointing to see IFTTT perform unreliably (I’ve repeatedly tried manual/forced polling as well as disconnect/connect over the past few days, none of the maneuvers seem to do anything; Particle device publishes just seem to disappear into the ether either on the way into or inside IFTTT…)

I’ve been using MS Azure IoT Hub* for several months (it basically works. every. single. time.) but was looking for alternatives… will try ThingSpeak next… thank you!
*I have no conflicts-of-interest