IFTTT published functions not accessable (electron)

After a month or so of using IFTTT with my Electron and Photons w/o problems, suddenly I couldn’t edit my published functions (1 and then 4 in desperation). The device name would show up dim in DO device choice menu. IF worked fine - events triggered correctly, the particle dashboard showed the device breathing, I tried everything: power everything off, connect, reconnect. No luck the device stayed dim in the IFTTT DO device wheel. Particle.publish returned a success status. Atom IDE function pane remained blank. I added delays and more delays. Finally after of a few days of hopeful waiting, I went big hammer deactivated my IFTTT account and reactivated it. Same sketch, same email (I have only one), same device and my functions popped up in ATOM pane and was able to run and edit my functions just as before. I hope someone can tell me what went wrong. If not, this may be a cure( that worked for me) for anyone else with same problem.