IDE reverted to yesterday's code

I edited my code for about 4 hours this morning. When I clicked “Verify”, all eight of my tabs reverted to the code I saved last night. I lost all my morning’s work.

I don’t see anyone else having this misfortune, so I’m not sure what can be done. But it raises a higher-level issue. If I cannot trust the IDE to absolutely positively keep my code, but I still want to use the IDE, is there or could there be a straightforward way to snapshot it locally? Cutting and pasting all eight of my tabs to eight local files would work, but I suspect I’d find it sufficiently onerous that I would do it too infrequently. I could built locally, but I’m on Windows, and I gather installing everything to build locally is rather arduous. Since it appears to have reverted to the previously-saved code, perhaps I should just “Save” every few minutes. Perhaps this code reverting is such a rare occurrence I should not be concerned.

Having a local copy of my code would bring a few other benefits…better editors, better search, code analysis tools, etc.

Suggestions? Comments? Thanks!

To my knowledge there is no function to download a snapshot of your current project in the WebIDE. It is in the roadmap if I remember correctly.

As for compiling locally I recommend this fabulous video: I used it to get up and running locally on my windows box (you can too! :))

I’ve never had the code revert to a previous version but I don’t doubt it happened to you. I would either manually copy and paste a backup or go local. Let me know if you run into any additional issues!