Have to close and re-open Web IDE to compile

For sometime now I have had to close and re-open Web IDE to compile. This doesn’t happen every time I make a change, but almost always if I paste a large (300 lines) of code and try to compile. The code that I paste has no errors and has been complied many times in the past. The reason I do this is I use the same basic core code on multiple projects. I don’t see a way to “save as” and it’s a pain to move and reload many header file to save under a new name. What am I missing?

If you want to manage your projects (sketches) better you could try a local IDE like Particle Dev.

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You can keep your basic project as a template in Web IDE and then use the SHARE THIS REVISION button to link to that project. You then just open that link in the browser and hit COPY THIS APP button to activate that copy in your account. Then you just need to rename it and got yourself a new project to work on without any copy/pasting.

Granted, it’s not a solution but a workaround that works quite well :wink:

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