Saving new revisions in the Web IDE

Is there a way to save a new revision of a program so if you mess it up you still have your old one. Usually I make a new one and copy my code into it then add my libraries and have a second revision. But I feel like I am doing it the hard way. Is there an easier way?

You can use the SHARE THIS REVISION feature to share revisions with yourself :wink:
As long the parent project exists shared revision links will be kept alive too.
You can store the revision links in the header comment block for the change log.

So it's not actually what you asked for

You don't save the new revision, but you save the old version before you start messing. Then you have a version to revert to.


In the Web IDE there’s a little download icon to the right of “Files” (in the project browser). that will let you download a zip with all of the source files in your project.

The new Workbench has integration with version control systems such as Git, so that’s an alternative that is more automatic. Also, Workbench has support for compiling with a local toolchain, so you don’t have to be connected to the internet (after the toolchain(s) you’re using have been download, which happens automagically when you target a device whose toolchain hasn’t been downloaded yet).

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