I can't get in SafeMode or DFU Mode

I was trying to integrate different kind of sensors, I still try with this posts.
I don’t know why, if I tried with code for one sensor and it was working fine, then I tried with code for the other sensor and it was working fine, when I mixed them together, Photon Crashed.
It is a DH11T and a UV Sensor from Adafruit with I2C

Photon blinks in SOS and then 5 blinks more, which is a Usage Fault Error, but then it goes to green fast blinking and then find goes to cyan and one second after again SOS Usage Fault Error.

Can someone help me?

What does it do when you try to get into either Safe mode or DFU mode?

@Moors7 sometimes nothing and sometimes goes to green, but my internet is working fine.