Installing dfu-util files

Hi, I’m a new Particle Photon user and I’m trying to learn how to flash to my Photon in DFU mode with the dfu-util files but I’m very confused. I installed node.js, the particle cli files, the dfu util binaries files, the photon firmware driver, and a bunch of other stuff. When I type “particle identify” it detects that the photon is connected to my computer via usb.

But when I type “dfu-util -1” to check that I installed the files it says that I didn’t, and I’m not sure what to do. Can someone please help?

What is dfu-util -1?

Do you mean dfu-util -l (lower case L)?

Please post the actual response and not a mere interpretation of it.

Sorry, I did indeed type the wrong command in the first place.

When I typed in the correct command, I got:

I am operating on Windows 7, and I followed these instructions:

In step 3, when I tried to open the build-mingw32–libusb file, it did not open on cmd. So I used “open with…” to directly open the file with the command prompt but that ended up with this:

…and I am not sure what to do.

Also, thank you for the quick response.

You need to add this directory to your system PATH environment variable, just as the tutorial follows on

You can leave the directory inside the directory, but then you’d need to use exactly this path in the subsequent steps. Or you just move all files/folders (actually you’d only need the files inside the nested win32-mingw32 folder) inside dfu-util-0.8-binaries\dfu-util-0.8-binaries out of the nested folder into the parent folder.

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I fixed the path file and when I typed “dfu-util -l” into the command prompt I got:

Is this what I should be receiving back?

Exactly so :+1:

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Thank you for your time and help. I’m glad to know that the Particle community has such great and helpful members.