How to get to Tinker?

I have a new Photon and have it set up with the Particle app running on my iPad mini. The online instructions refer to Tinker as a section of the Particle app, but I can’t figure out how to access it. Tapping on my device (which I’ve called “photonic”) in the app does nothing. What am I missing? How do I get to the Tikner section?

Hi @mariacordell, at this time you have to get the “Spark” app to use Tinker. I’m sure this will be updated soon.

Hey @mariacordell thanks so much for your question! You’re right – you can’t get to the Tinker section right now. Because the Photon is so new, we’re still polishing up the Tinker functionality for the Photon and will be releasing it as an update to the app shortly. @ido is our lead mobile developer and can give a more precise estimate as to when Tinker will be released.

Aha! It was making me crazy! :smile:



Actually Tinker is ready. We are just waiting for Apple to approve the new app version which was submitted last week. So I guess it’ll be available this week.


As of 22 May (today), The Particle Photon App is still in the crippled state as previously reported by the OP, for Android.

Yes, iOS Particle app now includes Tinker and is available to download/update from the App Store . Android tinker will be released in a few days time to the play store.

Is there support for Tinker in the Particle app yet? I see it in the Core app, but not in the Particle app.


Both iOS and Android Particle apps now contain Tinker functionality, please try to update your app to the latest version.

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Wow, I should have played around more. I guess I was just scared to click on my device.