Particle App is Not Working With Tinker

Hey forum! I am trying to use the Tinker feature in the Particle IOS application to control a servo motor over the internet, but Tinker will not work. When I try to use it, the app says that Tinker is not installed, so I re-flash the Photon with Tinker but then the program I made will not run unless I re-flash that again to the photon, which then makes Tinker not work again. This just keeps happening as a constant loop. Can I have any help to try to resolve this issue on the Particle application for my Photon please? As you can tell, this is very frustrating.

Hi @drew_lojo,

Tinker is just a Particle Program that can be flashed to your photon just like the program you created. It is possible to modify the tinker program to add your own features while keeping the Tinker iOS functionality.

Here is the Tinker Source Code


Do I just need to add a Tinker library to fix my issue or no?

As @nrobinson2000 said, Tinker is an application firmware not a library.
But to have your own firmware support the Tinker App you just need to implement these four Particle.function()s

  • digitalread
  • digitalwrite
  • analogread
  • analogwrite