Tinker won’t Work with New App Layout

Hello, I have had a proton for about three years now, and the app is worked fine with it, but I switched phones and now it won’t work. It does load and I can connect my device, but Tinker does not work and it does not give me the option to re-flash it. Is there something I am missing or is everyone having this problem? Thank you for all of your time!

Hey there,

Could you share if you’re on Android or iOS?

Are you specifically attempting to reflash Tinker with your Photon, or are you trying to flash it to a newer, different device (such as Electron, Argon, Boron, or Xenon?)

I am using an iOS, and it is a sparkfun photon redboard. I got it new in 2016, but I don’t know how old it was then. To note, mine is not the typical photon, it is part of the sparkfun inventors kit for photon, and it has the photon included in a redboard

I guess the device OS was rather dated, so you may want to install Particle CLI and update the device via particle update in DFU Mode.
If you want to upload the system binaries and bootloader individually you’d need to take the P1 versions. The Sparkfun Photon Redboard is based on the P1.

I share Scruff’s sentiments. It may be ab it dated for the mobile application to handle appropriately. I would recommend attempting an update through the CLI using particle update while in DFU, as he has recommended.

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