Android Tinker App

I’m having trouble getting the tinker app for my new photon to work. I copied over the code mentioned here:

And was able to make a curl request of:
curl -d access_token=... -d params=D7,HIGH to turn on my LED over the internet.

My android app recognizes my spark core, and has the correct name of it. I’ve changed the name on the Web IDE and noticed it changed on the app.

However, I can’t click on the core to actually open the tinker app. It just doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried restarting the app.

Thanks for the help!

What does particle list show?

@theicfire, I actually have had the same problem. I made sure I had Tinker on a photon and see it listed in my Android app but selecting it does not bring up Tinker. However, on iOS, the same action DOES bring up the Tinker app so I think there is an issue. Perhaps @ido has some ideas.

The current Android app in play store does not yet have Tinker feature. Sorry about that, Android is s little behind iOS in terms of feature-set. BUT:
An update with the Tinker feature will be uploaded to the Google Play Store today or tomorrow!

for any issues regarding usage of the Particle mobile apps (iOS/Android) or the mobile SDKs please use the Mobile category in our community website:

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I hate to make another thread for this, but was curious about the update. Is Tinker ready for Android yet?

We had some unexpected delays with the Android Tinker app here at Particle, really sorry about that.
It’ll be available soon, hopefully this week.

Hey, that’s no problem at all; I’m excited for it to come out! Thanks for the update.

@steezeburger / @theicfire / all:
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Android Particle app with Tinker functionality is available now! Go to Google play store and install/update.


Hi !

In the devices list, my Photon mentions “non-Tinker”, but why ??

Thanks !

@julian_l, do you have Tinker running on the Photon or you own code?

Works for me! Just updated the app and all is good. Thanks!!


Updated to latest Tinker app, and now it has stopped showing new Photon for setup, but can configure from particle-cli.
Please fix it.

@blackadmin What Android device is this on? Does the device show up as an AP in the system Wi-Fi settings?

@jensck Hi, I have Moto G3 turbo previously on lollipop this app was wokring all fine, but I think as I updated to android M, the app stopped working.

Yes, Photon AP in showing in mobile Wifi Settings.

Okay, since this is happening on some devices and not others, I think I’m going to throw together a quick diagnostic tool that can gather the data I need and make it easy for users to report it.

I’ll post a link to it here when it’s ready.