Can´t login with tinker (Android app) any more [Working]

Yesterday i worked with tinker and i could see my 2 Photons and my core listed.

Today i try and try but tinker says at the login:
(!) Unable to connect to the server

With my PC i am connectet to the dashboard. There are my Core and my Photon´s (
What did i try:

  • logout tinker, and try to login again
  • restart tinker
  • disconect and reconect to my wlan
  • wait an hour or two :wink:

what can i do ?

Andreas 8)

Hi @Kielkopf,

Do you mean the mobile app? Are you on iOS or Android, do you know which version of the app you’re using / or is there an upgrade available?


Yes, i did mean the tinker App Particle (Android, latest version 1.3.2)

Today it works like nothing had been wrong, but yesterday i was not able to login.

I filled in the username, then the password, then it would take some time.
After that it showed the Error-Sign ( :exclamation: ) , and just under that a box with the text: “Unable to connect to the server”

May be this server was not reachable from my location. I was iritatted, because with dashboard i could login without problems.

Andreas :relaxed:

Hi @Kielkopf,

I’m glad it’s working, but definitely a bit puzzled why it wasn’t working from your Android phone yesterday. If it happens again or if you get more info I hope you’ll share any details. :slight_smile: