Tinker makes photon flash red


Hi All

I have just flashed tinker to one of my photons (it is sat on a bread board on its on with no wires going anywhere)
when i run tinker on my phone as soon as i make any output high it flashes red SOS then after a min goes back cyan. on my phone instead of saying high it says NONE.
i then tried this with my second photon on a different breadboard and it has also done the same.

one photon is On the device: 0.8.0-rc.14
the other is On the device: 1.0.0

Any ideas?



Take the device out the breadboard too.
How did you flash Tinker?

You forgot the important bit: How many blinks do you see after the SOS?


i have taken it out with no joy it flashes like so

Red,Red,Red fast
Red,Red,Red slow
Red,Red,Red fast
then 1 red




sorry i didn’t see that
i flashed it using the android particle app


Would you be able to flash it using the CLI? Give “Particle update” and “Particle flash --usb tinker” a shot, both in DFU mode.


thanks Moors I will give it a try and report back


The version of Tinker embedded in the iOS and Android apps will cause that behavior on 0.8.0-rc and 1.0.0 on the Photon only. The version in the latest Particle CLI should be newer and not cause this behavior. The mobile apps will be updated to a newer Tinker binary, but have not been upgraded yet.


hmmm i have the device blinking yellow. i ran particle update in the cli however it says

!!! i was unable to detect any devices in dfu mode


Then you probably haven’t got the DFU drivers installed.


I haven’t can i not reflash some firmware and update the version to a earlier version?


is this the same on a mac ? i think it will be easier to install the CLI on my mac rather than install the drivers on my windows


i have manage to fix the issue i flashed tinker from the CLI but without the photon being in DFU mode

thanks for all your help, i have never really used the CLI before