Photon pulses red and blue after flashing code, code does not run

I have just received my internet button and have been able to setup the device correctly and use the tinker app from my phone without any problems. However, I cannot get any of the example code to run on the device. When I try and flash the code from the web IDE it says the code has flashed successfully but the LED on the photon pulses red and blue continuously. The photon then stays in this mode and does not run the code. The tinker app says the photon is online but non-Tinker as I would expect. The photon stays in this mode and I never get the pulsing cyan light again until I re-flash the tinker app from my phone.

I have a second photon and don’t have any of these issues and can flash the code examples and they seem to work correctly. Is this a defective photon? Is there anything I can do to diagnose the problem further?

Thanks for any advice.

Place the Photon in safe mode and flash a user code again

Just tried this, in safe mode the LEDs pulse red and blue, is this the magenta colour referred to in the docs? I then flash the code (blinking LED example) which says code flashed successfully and then device restarts and the LEDS now flash (rather than pulse) red and blue continuously.

Again the code does not work.

Cancel that last comment. I’ve just left the Photon flashing magenta and it suddenly started working. I’m presuming that the firmware has now updated correctly. It’s strange as I tried to get this to work for several hours yesterday to no avail.

Thanks for the help, perhaps I was just a bit too impatient? The other Photon I have worked out of the box.

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i’m having the same problem, how much time you left your photon particle connected to the laptop before its start working properly again ??

And you are welcome and welcome to ask, sorry if I came across a bit bitchy (in the other thread), but it would be better to open your own thread with a very specific description of what exactly you experience, since even small differences between your experience and that of what seems to be the same issue could make solving your problem more difficult for us, as we may be sent down the wrong track before we get the one detail that actually tells the story.

The same goes for the other thread you posted
Problem Particle Photon

Just invest the extra time to write up your exact symptoms in your own thread and maybe even provide a video

Hi, it’s quite some time ago but at a guess I’d say about 30 minutes.