New iOS Tinker app version & new SDK features


Particle Tinker app for iOS v1.3 has been submitted to Apple app store today and includes the following new features:

  • Re-flash Tinker: you can now flash Tinker firmware to your devices from within the app
  • New settings & help screen (copy device ID to clipboard, reset pin functions, help topics)
  • Pins DAC and A3 now support 12bit DAC voltage output for analogWrite mode (Photon only)
  • Bugfixes

will probably be available next week (when Apple approves).

Also: Particle Cloud SDK for iOS now includes two new functions:


flash compiled binary files to your device.


flash known firmware apps to your device by name, such as: “Tinker”, “Blinky”, etc.

compiling source code via SDK will soon be supported too.


  • Ido

Particle Tinker iOS app 1.3 now available on Apple’s App Store, download/update today.

I open-sourced the iOS Particle Tinker app today for your reference. It is an app which is consuming the Device Setup lib and the Particle iOS SDK.
You can find it here:


Hi, I could not do Pod Install and it is asking for Cocoapods-Keys Plugin. Even after I gem installed the plugin it is still asking for it. Please let me know step by step procedure of how to run the app in Xcode. Thanks.

This is not an issue but intentional - install the cocoapods keys plugin, read here:

then when you do a pod install you can set your OAuth client credentials for your app. For development you can use particle/particle - when you intend to roll out your app then generate real credentials and update them via the keys plugin.

read here:

Good luck


Thanks for your reply. I have seen and followed that instruction. So far to no avail. I understand it is intentional. Even after I successfully gem install the cocoapods-keys plugin in it is still asking for the plugin. Please see my attached screen shot. I have tried the both version of 0.39.0 and 0.36.0 cocoapods. My cocoapods-keys version is 1.6 and Mac OS 10.11.3. Could there be an incompatibility issue? any help or step by step instruction is appreciated.



here is the screen shot.

I think you have an old version of Ruby, try updating your system Ruby to 2.2.X or 2.3.X.

@ido, I have just run your latest Tinker iOS SDK from 12 days ago from and I am getting no AFImageDownloader.h error. I then add Pod AFImageDownloader in the Pod file and run Pod Update but after that my Xcode is given me whole bunch of other errors.

I would like to successfully run this SDK. Any suggestion or help is appreciated.

hi mtun009,

i also just download the same project and just open the workspace file and got the follow error.

Any assistance would be great.


Hi mtun009,

I started over with a new download into a clean directory. I then ran install pod from the root directory. Almost all the errors went away except for the following.

Let me know if am I missing something.


@Mkoder, try this Carthage version. You need to install Carthage first.