How to delete products on the dashboard?


Hi there,

does anyone know how to delete products (without any devices) from the dashboard?

I made a mistake with one product by selecting the wrong particle device type for it and i can see no way to
change this.

Thanks and greets!


No idea on how to delete the product, but Particle can change the device type on the back-end. Send them an email.


@brandongoode Thanks, i will try this.


any updates on how to delete a product?


You currently cannot delete a product. There is currently no limit on the number of free prototype level products you can have, so as long as you remove all devices from the product there is no penalty for having an empty product. If your product is on one of the paid tiers and you want to delete it, you’ll need to remove devices from the product and contact support.


Ok, so it has been a year now…I think it is time to address this issue in the Console!

Not being able to Delete a Product is a user experience oversight. The community has patiently waited. PLEASE make a modest investment and address this.


Pretty shocked to learn you still can’t delete products. Huge user experience miss here.


Thanks for the feedback. It’s something we ought to have for sure.


@jvanier Are you keeping this issue of deleting Products on the Kanban board? While it might seem like a little thing, it is a bit of UX that should be addressed I believe.


I have a product I called ‘Test PRoduct’ - that’s right, not only am I stuck looking at a test item in my list, but I also accidentally capitalized the R in PRoduct, so it would be really nice to be able to at least change the name of the product if we can’t delete it… Please?


Add me to the list of people who are frustrated they can’t delete products from the dash!


I have this issue too. I created a suite of geographic based products and now want to restructure my fleet so it makes more sense and requires less effort to maintain. Whilst I can create new products and restructure it, I can’t get rid of old products which clog my console, and I can’t even sort the order in which the products appear. Some VERY basic UX effort would be great on this front.

I’ll also add that it would be great to have an ‘upvote’ button for new features. Wix does an awesome job of this, and I’m sure it helps them prioritise which features customers most want. Comments are great though as they highlight how important (vs popular) feature additions are.


+1 from me for deleting and renaming products.


It is now the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for this seemingly simple request. PLEASE let us DELETE our PRODUCTS! I don’t even give a hoot about renaming them at this point (although, obviously this is also an issue)


Is it just me, or is this issue making others nuts as well?

Particle, please allow us to Delete Products!


I too have been waiting/hoping for this change to be made ever since the Products console was rolled out. I sometimes wish that the company’s efforts would go fully into fixing or properly implementing their existing products first—e.g. modify the products dashboard, or get a working System.updatesPending(), etc.—before taking pre-orders on next gen hardware. I’m an avid Particle user and not trying to take issue with their efforts in advancement, but it would just be nice to see issues such as this one worked out within a reasonable time frame (rather than years down the road).


Hi everyone,

Jeff here from Particle. Thank you for the continued enthusiasm for this feature. I understand that this is an annoyance for many of you, and I apologize on behalf of our team that its taken us so long to address this.

I’ll be working to put together a plan for how to offer this over the next week to be prioritized in an upcoming engineering sprint. In the meantime, you can write into us at, and our team can handle this manually if its really bothersome.




@jeiden Q3 is behind us and still no way to delete orphaned Products short of emailing Support as far as I can tell…


I need it also: deleting and renaming products.


Submit a support ticket to rename a product.

Delete is not possible at this time, but we can rename your product to something like “do not use” to reduce confusion.