How to delete products on the dashboard?


ah yeah delete product is definitely something that should be added. +1 vote on this F/R.


+1, would be nice to delete test stuff


+1 for delete


Just wanted to add my vote. If delete is impossible, how about an Archive option to at least remove it from the main dashboard and let it sit in a second-screen hell?


Has this made any movement? Soft deleting a product (as the owner) with no devices in it should not be a hassle to code.


It may sound a simple solution when you can make that assumption, but Particle has to consider all edge cases - e.g. it is possible that you have delivered devices for your product to a bunch of redistributors but all the devices are still sitting on their shelves and none of the devices was yet acitvated, so it might look like there are no devices for this product yet.
See the issue?

This is only one of the edge cases that have to be dealt with gracefully.


I get that, the idea to archive or even toggle active and non active products would be helpful. Before there were groups there I wound up with several products to represent the different groups. Now that everything has been simplified I only have 3 or 4 active products and way too many dead “products.” The list likes to rearrange itself and I have to search for the product every time, which can be annoying at times.


This thread started in June '16.

We are now approaching the third anniversary of this being an open issue.

I would think that Particle would want to close it. @ScruffR you make a fine point about the edge cases, but I would suggest that this issue has not been deemed to be ‘important’ by the team at Particle. This is solvable, there are myriad precedents in the technology platforms we all use, and that it actually is a glaring deficiency in the User Experience.


+1 in 2019 for being able to delete the products