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I have several Product entries created in the Sandbox Console that do not have any devices. I can see an option to add a new Product but don't see an option to delete them.

How do I delete the Console Product entries?


@zpm1066 products cannot be deleted and this has been the case since first introduced. The ability to delete products has been request for a while now but still has not been implemented, likely for good reasons. If you do a forum search you may find that answer.

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Thanks @peekay123.

I ended creating one or more Products accidentally. All I wanted was to add a couple of new devices to my sandbox and have them appear as “sandbox personal devices”.

Now it seems one has to select a Product in order to add a new device, and if you delete a device from a Product then you cannot add it back in again. I got permission denied even though I’m the admin. I found the process confusing.

Once the device was removed from Products, it appeared as “sandbox personal device”. However, now I have several Products that I cannot delete.

How do I add a new device and have it appear as “sandbox personal device” without selecting a Product?


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Hi @peekay123 and @zpm1066

As far as I know the functionality to remove a products has indeed been added.

There are some prerequisites though.

  1. The cannot be any devices associated with the product
  2. You need to enter particular product then click on the gear icon (Settings)
  3. Now head over the the cleverly marked "Danger Zone"

Or am I misunderstanding the question maybe?



Hi @friedl_1977 ,

Exactly what I wanted to do. Thank you so much!

Best Regards,

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