Removing sims from particle product

I have a number of Electrons which have the sims in a “Product” in my Particle Console. The devices however are in my “personal” fleet. I want to remove the sims from the product and put them back in the personal fleet. Is this possible?

When I go into the product page and look at devices it is empty (no devices), looking at the list of sims all of the sims don’t have the device name and only 1/2 of them have a Devide ID.

HI @mister, for your 1st question, you can Remove the device. Go to Product > Device > at the right side … , click on Remove device. You do not have to add it back, it will be automatically displayed under your Personal Devices list.

The devices are listed under my Personal Device list but the sims for those devices are still under the Product List.

Do I need to release the sim and then reclaim it?

Yes. Removing a device from a product does not remove the SIM from the product. You need to release ownership of the SIM from the product and then add the SIM back to the developer account again, using the API or the activate SIM card only option at

You can go the other direction (team member to product) without deactivating the SIM, but in order to go from product to developer you need to go through a deactivate cycle.