Device status changed to "Deactivating SIM" when moving from Sandbox --> Growth?

This is a continuation of a previous post that was closed:

I need to move ~40 out of 60 devices from an existing SandBox product → an existing growth product. The devices I need to move over all use PRODUCT_ID(PLATFORM_ID); in the firmware so user application firmware is compatible with either product. So I think the move should be easy/seamless for ~40 of the devices.

The other ~20 devices still is using the original PRODUCT_ID(xxxxx) and so I can not move those over until it connects and I update the firmware OTA. So I can’t just move all devices over but need to be selective. I was planning on just doing these 1 by 1 in the console rather than submitting a support ticket. I was using these steps:

  1. Copy the Device_ID to the clipboard or an offline notepad
  2. “Remove Device” the device from the original sandbox product using the three dots menu
  3. “Add” the device to the Growth Product

However, when I started doing this, I noticed the SIM card when added to the growth account product it was listed as “Deactivating SIM” state. This was a bit surprising since I’m not using “Unclaim Device”, I’m just removing it from a specific product. It eventually went back to “online” after a few minutes but was just a bit alarming. I didn’t think just removing the device from the product should of deactivated/reactivated the SIM card. Just trying to migrate these over so I can manage all devices from the same console page to make life a bit easier. The devices I need to move are mostly online/connected and actively being used so I’d like to prevent any disruption.

Any recommendation… do I proceed anyhow and just assume their won’t be a problem in deactivating/re-activating the SIM on these devices?

If you are moving a device from a product in your sandbox and you’re also the owner of the growth product, you can add the device to the new product without removing it from the old one first.

Incidentally, is there a reason you couldn’t move the entire sandbox product into your growth organization? That’s the recommended method and it works without affecting connectivity or product IDs at all.

@rickkas7 - oh, that makes it much easier in that case if I don’t have to remove it from the existing product. Very nice!

I’d prefer to manage all devices that span the same physical product as a single “product” in the console. Currently they are split between two products within Particle (one growth, one sandbox). It just gets clunky jumping back and forth between products in the console when trying to find a device, monitor traffic and overall system health and updating firmware.

Due to the seasonality of the physical product these devices are used for, almost all of them are NOT used during the offseason (~9 months out of the year). So unfortunately, I have to go through the clumsy task of unclaiming and then reclaiming all the devices. I then add back the ~10-20 devices that are active year round to the sandbox account. It’s a bit clunky but seems silly to stay in growth for 9 months for only 10-20 active devices. The 40 includes new devices I shipped to customers early prior to ramping up and re-enabling growth for 3-4 months out of the year. Hope that makes sense. Basically I have ~10-20 devices 8-9 months out of the year and >100 devices 3-4 months out of a year and require flip flop between growth and sandbox due to seasonality of my product.

@rickkas7 - So I just tried taking the device_id of a product that exists in sandbox and add it to the growth account without first removing it. It says it is successful, it shows up in the list but then as soon as I refresh the page it disappears from the list. If I go back to the sandbox account it is still listed there. Any suggestions? Maybe I in fact do have to remove it first, let the SIM deactivate and then add it back in?

Maybe it only works sandbox to product, not product to product. I thought I had tested product to product but maybe not. In any case, you don’t have to wait for the SIM to deactivate. You can interrupt a deactivation in process and it should work properly.

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Thanks Rick! Will do. Maybe I’ll do it tonight once most users aren’t using the product to just minimize any disruption even if there isn’t supposed to be one. As always, your guidance is much appreciated!

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