My SIM is pause but No SIM cards is associated with this account

I again got a msg saying it was paused
I then go in SIM page and it say I have no SIM

No SIM cards are associated with this account.

that was not the case when I started working on this project 3 weeks ago. I could see and pause my SIM. I even change the data limit.

not anymore

I am 100% certain it’s because I created a product with my design when I was testing stuff. My eserie is not in the product anymore but I do have a product that is empty.

I am trying this

$ curl -X PUT
-d mb_limit=100
-d access_token=1234

There is a separate tab for SIM cards within the product. Removing the device from the product will not remove the SIM card from the product, so it still could be there.

If it’s not there either, you should submit the ICCID of the SIM in a support ticket and they can track it down.

Update: I found it in your product. To get it be not in your product you should:

  • Copy the ICCID of the SIM card
  • Release Ownership of the SIM from the Products - your product - SIM cards tab
  • Go to and use the Activate SIM Card option to make it a developer SIM again

I don’t have device and can not release it.

You need to go into Products - (your product) - SIM cards.

There are two different SIM cards tabs, one at the top level and one within a product. It’s in the inner one.

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I click then when back to copy paste the ICCID and boom I see the SIM data usage and all the SIM info!?

so confused. mybe you did something @rickkas7 thanks anyway!

excellent! I understand.
thank you

If I follow your step, this mean I can delete the product for good?
I have an interest for product because that’s the whole point of me working on this but I am not ready yet.
so I can created a product when I am ready and have multiple module to really test.

It’s not actually possible to delete a product right now, but it doesn’t cost anything to have the empty product, so you can just leave it until you need it, or until we finally implement the feature that will allow you to delete it from the console.