How much data does IFTTT-trigger-event-check use?

I’m concerned about the event checking with IFTTT using data because I’m using the 3G electron. Anyone know how much data it uses to check the event?

It’s triggering an event check about every three minutes.

I could be mistaken (@Dave definitely knows more) but I don’t think the event checks count against your data. They aren’t actually being sent to or from the Electron. They are there to show you that your IFTTT integration is working.

Hi @JosephMorris,

Good question! When your device publishes an event, it’s immediately forwarded to IFTTT. IFTTT also periodically checks in with the Particle cloud in case it missed something. The Particle Cloud publishes those ifttt check events to let you know that your recipe is still active, but it’s not an event that’s being sent to your device unless you’ve subscribed to it, so it shouldn’t impact your SIM card use at all.


Thanks Dave