IFTTT Questions

What do the ifttt-trigger-event-check {"count":8} log messages mean?
Any way to turn these off so they don’t spam the logs.

Is it possible to set up an IFTTT that listens to events published from any Photons, not just a specific one?

Are there any plans to increase the number of device status events, it would be good to have the following notifications.

  • Booted into safe mode
  • Flash successful/unsuccessful

Hi @joe4465,

Good Question! Sorry about the slow response, just now catching up on old emails:

There used to be some concerns that our IFTTT integration was slow, despite our using the IFTTT Realtime API. I added this event so users could see when IFTTT actually checked with our cloud. The count is how many triggered events IFTTT was given by our cloud, in this case 8.

IFTTT is an awesome service, but doesn’t necessarily guarantee realtime delivery, they try to fulfill recipes within about 15 minutes, but we’ll keep trying to make sure our end is as close to realtime as possible. :slight_smile:

  • You can see safe-mode with the event “spark/status/safe-mode

  • You can see flash started events with “spark/flash/status”, and if the flash ended with a new application, you can track it uniquely with the app-hash event “spark/device/app-hash”.