IFTTT Integration

I’m having a problem understanding the purpose of repeated Event “spark/watch/var/myVariable”.
I’ve been working on some projects and I wrote this small example to show you the problem I’m trying to figure out… So I created this simple function on my Boron:


int myVariable;

void setup()

  Particle.function("myFunction", myFunction);
  Particle.variable("myVariable", myVariable);

void loop()

int myFunction(String command)
  myVariable = command.toInt();

  Particle.publish("My Variable is: ", String(myVariable), PRIVATE);
  return 0;

and then I created a simple Button Applet on IFTTT.
When Button is pressed, IFTTT is supposed to read the Value of myVariable and if its greater than 4 it sends me a Pushover Notification.

So for example I changed myVariable to 7, everything seems to work fine except! Im getting " spark/watch/var/myVariable" repeated every 30 seconds to 1 minute until I reboot the Boron.
Even though if I lower myValue to 3 it will keep flooding.

Is there any way to limit those events from appearing? I think its counting towards the Data Usage/Operations.

Thank you

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Hi- Unfortunately with third party services such as IFTTT, Particle does not control how often these events appear. It is pretty data-heavy so if you have any concerns there I suggest to switch to webhooks.

Particle will be making changes to the IFTTT in the near future that will help make it more customizable.