IFTTT triggers no matter what when monitoring a variable

I’m very new to Particle so I apologize if this is something very simple but I’ve been wrestling with it for a few hours now. I’m trying to monitoring doubles and ints in IFTTT and no matter what trigger I set when monitoring a variable, IFTTT will trigger the event every time it checks it. I have two recipes, one that checks if iftttVariable is greater than 100, one that checks if iftttVariable is less than 100. Every time IFTTT checks the variable, both will trigger the action. This happens even if iftttVariable is null.

I’m working on monitoring temperature, but if I run this test code and just set the variable to 95 both recipes still constantly trigger. Is this an IFTTT problem, or am I misunderstanding how to create a monitored variable? I’ve worked around it for now by publishing events when I want IFTTT to do something.

int myVariable; void setup() { Particle.variable("iftttVariable", myVariable); } void loop() { myVariable = 95; delay(10000); }

I’ve experienced the same issue and have yet to discover the fix. Looking forward to hearing suggestions. Thanks for posting this.