Double Triggering with IFTTT

This behavior I’m describing began roughly 1 week ago. I currently use IFTTT to log some temperature data into Google Drive, and recently, each time my published events appear in the console log, IFTTT is actually logging the subscribed data twice into Google Drive. I verified that my published event is only being published once every 5 minutes, and after checking the IFTTT logs, IFTTT is in fact the culprit of causing these duplicate triggers. So, each unique published event with fresh data is being logged twice.
Because I’m using Event Data field to log the data, the IFTTT trigger that I use is only looking for an Event Name. I suspect that this may be part of the issue. Anyone else seeing this?

I would reccomend using the Maker channel on IFTTT instead of the Particle channel, so that you can use webhooks in order to be more precise.

Here is a template for creating the webhook:

What’s wrong with the Particle channel, and what benefits would webhooks offer in this regard, especially considering the fact that the current system was already functioning?

@tommy_boy, are the double values the same or are they different? It might be that a public event is triggering it.

Would you mind changing the event name, and making a new IFTTT trigger to see if that makes a difference?

Hey @nrobinson2000. I agree with @Moors7 that webhooks and the Maker channel wouldn’t offer additional customization to my workflow. Just taking a look at the json fields, I notice that they’re the same as the fields I’m able to play with in IFTTT.

@Moors7, yes, the values are the same so I doubt that it’s a public event that’s triggering it. The trigger itself is also linked to one of my specific photons so wouldn’t that make the IFTTT trigger only occur if my specific photon was in fact the trigger?
I just tried your suggestion about changing the event name…
Previously, the event name was “Temperature Log”. With this name, the double posting occurs.
I just changed the event name to “Test Log”, and the double posting stopped. Single posting occurred.
Just changed the event name back to “Temperature Log”, and the double posting came back.
Could it be that I’ve hit some upper limit of IFTTT trigger checks that is causing this strange behavior?

I have found that using webhooks + Maker channel gives a much faster response time than using the Particle channel.

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OK cool. I’ll give the Maker channel a shot once I have some time to dedicate.
Can I ask how you’re using that channel? As in, what types of data, how many devices of yours use this method, etc.

All of my devices use this method when interacting with IFTTT. I often use this to control my Wemo switches or Hue lights. I sometimes also use it to log data like you are doing.

The double IFTTT triggering has inexplicably stopped. This occurred on August 28 at roughly 22:50 EST. No firmware changes were made to the Photons this was occurring to, and no IFTTT triggers were altered in any way.