Help with SparkFun NAU7802

Hey all,

Just getting started with Particle, and I’d like to add Sparkfun’s Qwiic Scale Repo (there are at least 2, I’m trying to use this one, which is linked on the product page)

At first I was gettting an error because the name parameter from includes spaces. I replaced these spaces with underscores, and I believe I was able to upload it to the particle cloud at least once, but now when I try to upload or publish the library the CLI tells me I"m not the owner.

based on this topic I’m guessing I can just make a small change to the library name and upload again, but I’d like to keep the name consistent with the name of the GitHub repo if possible.

There is no way around the fact that a given library must have a unique name across all uploaded libraries - including private ones.
When someone else has already taken the “original” name, you cannot use the same name too.

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