Since I can not modify the private library, what does it exist for?

I have fork the sparkfun Lsm9ds1 library and import it from my github. But I just finally found out that I can’t do anything about “my” library, that is ridiculous. Or anything important I haven’t done ?

You should be able to modify a library but you will have to increase the version number in the spark.json file to make the change

If you want to change anything about your library, you’d have to do that in your repo and then import the changed version from github into Particle Builde (see how to contribute a library) and for this you have to increase the version number as @Hootie81 has pointed out already.
AFAIK even private libs can’t be modified inside Particle Build - only “offline” and then be reimported.

alright, I get it. It’s so annoying to have no access to my own library though.
But any way, thank you very much! :grin:

thank you so much. well, I just copy and paste to my added header file although it’s boring and painstaking.

If you’re going to make a lot of changing while testing, you might want to copy&paste it in your project. Using the small + button in the top right corner allows you to add .cpp and .h files. Those can be edited within the IDE.

Then again, if you ‘really’ want to change a lot, and have lots of files, you might want to use Particle Dev, which allows you to manage your own files. Afterwards, you can upload the ‘finished’ library at once, without having to make a lot of changes. Might be more convenient.

yeah, I understand that! I just c&p and I prefer cloud IDE :laughing:

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