How do I easily edit a library?

I’m trying to get a TFT LCD working (ILI9163) and noticed there was already a library for the Photon for it, but it’s only producing random noise on the screen. I wanted to play around with the library to see if I could get it working, but it’s “locked” in the Particle IDE - it won’t let me edit the code. Is there any easy way to do that, or do I really have to go and make and publish my own library just to test out a couple minor changes?

You could fork the library and work on it locally, and then submit your changes as a pull request.

I would recommend that you try working locally using Particle Dev or particle-cli if possible.

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You can also make new tabs in the web IDE by clicking the little + icon in the top right. Then copy&paste in the nessecary files.

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I am trying to debug something in the HX711ADC library and hoping to try and edit the library on the web IDE. I have copied the contents of the library into new tabs in my app; however, it is now throwing compiling errors.

I assume when you normally include a library in a particle app that the Web IDE does not check these include files for verification issues? Am I incorrect in thinking that. Is there a way to achieve this on the WEB IDE using different tabs rather than setting up a local workflow?


You haven’t told us what errors, but I assume it’s multi-definition errors and these would be caused by you still having the original library imported while now also having a local copy.

Nope, that’s not the case.

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It was indeed multi definition errors, I had removed the original include statement.

I think there was just a browser error on my end because I repeated the process on a fresh app and it is working now.

Thanks :+1:t2:

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