Making changes to official libraries in the web build IDE?

I’m a newbie and there’s something I just don’t understand.

I want to make changes to the AssetTracker library in the web-based build IDE. It doesn’t let me. It insists that I have to go to github, create an account, fork the project (which can only be done once), made a modification through GitHub, import the library, and then try it out.

Then if I want to make another change, I have to go to GitHub, edit what I want, also edit my version number in GitHub, reimport the library into the build tool, compile again, and test.

So, I’m a newbie, and so I have a really simple view of things. Why can’t I just make my own copy of a library and do all my work instead of the web build IDE instead of involving a whole other mechanism that consumes a great deal of time and completely slows down my ability to test and make changes?

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, GitHub seems to prevent me from doing two different forks of the same library. Is my only choice to create a second GitHub account to hold a second fork of the same library?


If you want to continously work on a library the best is to add the lib files (as long there aren’t too many of them) as seperate file tabs, copy the code into these files and then work on them till you are done
See this:

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That worked perfectly. Thank you!

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