Enhancement request - in IDE library editing

When doing library development, the cycle of editing externally, pushing to git, re-importing the library, re-building is a frustratingly slow cycle. It’d be useful to be able to edit the library files in the web ide and re-compile to shorten the cycle, then re-push the changes back to git.

Also, while going through this cycle I also have to remove the library from the test app i’m compiling and re-add it after going through the import cycle to make sure that it’s actually attempting to compile against the newly imported code.

It surely would be nice if it was possible on the Web IDE, but at the moment the best way to write/port a library is to do this locally e.g. CLI or Spark Dev or local Toolchain the get the lib up an running and only once it works publish it on the Web IDE.
In addition to saving the time needed for the cycle you described above, you also save a lot of time flashing your Core for tests, when doing this via USB rather than OTA.

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Except I have found differences between the local tool chain and the web ide and I was chasing down some issues that were only happening in the web ide. This cycle was slow enough even for just dealing with compile errors - I’m glad I wasn’t trying to juggle flashing at the same time as well.

Granted - this is an issue that did cost me some time, too - till I worked out what to avoid or how to work around these differences :wink:

As you see in your own thread about flattened directory structure :+1: Spark is at it, but they are fighting on a lot of frontiers at the same time.