Half Connected Core - Not able to talk to it though

I’m using a core with built in antenna, only one that I’ve tried so far, I have another that requires the external antenna, but I don’t have one.

Phone: Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2
Router: Apple AirPort Extreme (2013 Tower Edition)
Router Settings: No MAC filtering, DCHP by default. I’ve tried connecting to a broadcast SSID with WPA2 Personal encryption and a broadcast SSID without any encryption.

Cannot connect via the Android App at all. I tried the USB method and was able to get the Core to breath Cyan. However, still couldn’t use the Android App at that point, nor could I actually flash code using spark.io/build.

When I try to “claim” my core using the web app, it adds the core to the list, but doesn’t give any confirmation. The dialog box doesn’t even disappear, so I’m not confident that it is claiming correctly. Every time I try and flash something, I get either a 403 or 400 error message.

@bwshockley - thanks for posting the problems you’re having. From your description, it sounds like you were able to configure the Core to connect to the Cloud over serial, which is great. At this point, since you configured it over serial and not through the app, you definitely have to claim the Core before you’d be able to flash code to it.

Your Core should currently have the Tinker firmware on it. Now that you’ve claimed your Core, it should also show up in the Android app under your list of devices. If you log out an log back into the app, it should update that list. If the Core is breathing Cyan, and you are seeing it in your device list, you should be able to DigitalWrite D7 high and see the light on the Core turn on. This is a good functional test to make sure that your account has all the credentials it needs to pass API requests to your device.

Does that process work for you? If not, we can dig a little deeper and do some more troubleshooting.

will @ spark

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