Hacker_trochee - what is it?


I have just got my first photon. It is great product- easy to set up.
However after around 10 minutes, my device name has changed to hacker_trochee.

How is it possible? Is the system not secure?


When a Photon is first set up a default name consisting of two words, like that, is used. Where are you seeing this name?

Assuming your Photon is associated with the same account email your community forum account is, that’s not the name of your device, so it’s probably a display issue, perhaps in the mobile app. It’s correct in the underlying database. There is no evidence of hacking or changes to your account.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer! I have set the device via IOS app giving a name to my device, and then I was playing with https://build.particle.io. It showed the correct name. I have uploaded successfully the first sketch. And after a few minutes I have seen in the browser that the name has been changed. But if you say that is ok, then I am happy! Really like your photon!

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