Brand New Spark? it is already named TASTY_LAWYER

Is my new Particle Spark really new?

I am having issues with it including including but not limited to that it is named ***


I didn’t name it that and it doesn’t sound like a default configuration name. Did Particle ship me a used or refurbished unit?

Unit will not connect and keeps asking me if I am the new owner of this device.
The device was purchased directly from particle and was part of the Photon Kit.

That’s actually a random name that’s assigned to it on setup. The Photon is new, don’t worry :wink:
I’ve gotten names like “robot_badger” and “doctor_morphing” in the past. You can rename them later if you wish.

How are you trying to configure it, by using the app? What’s its current LED state? Blinking blue, breathing cyan, something else?

How do you notice that, since you’ve obviously been able to see what it’s called? That normally happens after claiming it, if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks! I’m not used to odd names of new devices.
It shows up as offline.
Actually after a reset, a firmware update and some time, the unit is now the correct color and responding.
There is apparently a period of time after setup (from android) before it is recognised as online.

Chalk it up to I was too impatient and wanted to get started!


BTW, I figured out the naming thing when I tried to rename the device and I think it gave the default of robot_tasty.

With new devices, it has to upgrade the system firmware first. That can take several minutes, during which it should blink various patterns of magenta.
Firmware upgrades can also take place on already set up devices, when the cloud detects the firmware version is too low to run the user firmware. If will then automatically update the system firmware, which will take some time.