Photon Wifi Name Changed

So I set up my photon particle and began writing a program for it, but when I went to flash the code the photon started acting up. It would not leave listening mode and I could not get it online, so I did some reading to try to find the solution. I have finally gotten it out of just listening mode, but now I cannot get it to connect to wifi. On the particle tinker app on my phone, the photon wifi is now showing up as Photon-XXXXXX (2 extra characters) instead of Photon-XXXX. This is preventing me from connecting to my photon because my phone will not recognize the device. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

@rickkas7 are the mobile apps updated to handle this?

Thanks much for the report @bulldog19 — the answers to a few questions would help us verify/debug internally:

  • Were you using iOS, Android, or Windows?
  • Which version of the Particle app?
  • Which version of system firmware?

cc: @ido

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@zachary I ran into this on a jobsite yesterday, I finally got it connected after about half an hour. My product uses the softAP web page hosted on the device to connect.

Ah, thank you — I’ll add an issue to the Device OS.

Still waiting to hear from @bulldog19.