Spark Core was working fine until this morning and now I can't get it to talk to the Particle Cloud

I went to go make coffee this morning* and I noticed my Spark Core wasn’t breathing like it should be.

It was fast blinking cyan which means it isn’t communicating with the Cloud. I first ensured that my WiFi AP was up and working, which it is. I bumped the power (reset button) and it just flashed green. I then held down the mode button until it flashed a steady blue. I ran the CLI and attempted to give it the credentials but it would flash green.

OK, I’m a little annoyed at this point.

I factory default the device and now, when I try to load credentials and connect to the Cloud, it flashes cyan. I checked the Particle Cloud status but it is saying that everything is OK. My AP isn’t flaky as that is what I am using now. I currently have it connected to my laptop for power and it was on a cell phone charger transformer during normal operation.

What gives? Why isn’t it playing nicely and doing what it is supposed to do?

*I have a Spark Core controlling a relay that connects/disconnects a 110VAC outlet.

Are you seeing short red bursts during blinking cyan?

No SOS and no red lights.

I’ve had this happen, and every time, rebooting my router fixes it.

Has to do with DNS I think.

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I’m going to give that a try. I’m a little peeved as I’ve had issues claiming devices here in past month or so.

Since I bought mine in the second batch of Spark Cores ever made (shortly after their Kickstarter), I’m wondering if it is device-specific and the Photon isn’t prone to the same issues.

What are you using?

Cores and Photons.

If you haven’t done a deep update on the Core in question, I would say do that. Though, I think the normal firmware update procedure accomplishes that now. Not sure.

I’ve already performed that. I don’t have a stack trace, so it makes it significantly more difficult than usual to troubleshoot.

@eavery We just fixed an issue with slow or broken connections. Please give it another go!


Thanks a million for the support, Bryce!


@bryce Just got home tonight and I powered up my Spark Core. Same issue.

Figured I would factory default the device and start from scratch–no joy. Still does the same thing. Fast flashing cyan. Seems like authentication with the Cloud API is taking forever.

I waited several minutes and it started breathing cyan. I went straight to the IDE to see if I could get it to signal but it is unresponsive (though it is appearing as a device in the IDE and it shows it breathing). After about 30 seconds, it is back to flashing cyan.

Small potatoes but seems like the issue is ongoing on my end.